The last R carousel that you'll ever need

We are happy to bring the slick JavaScript library to R. It is self described as “the last carousel you’ll ever need”. This carousel is based on putting the elements of the carousel in a div HTML tag. This makes the carousel very versatile in what can be placed inside.... [Read More]
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ggedit 0.1.1

Shiny module to interactvely edit ggplots within Shiny applications

ggedit is a package that lets users interactively edit ggplot layer and theme aesthetics. In a previous post we showed you how to use it in a collaborative workflow using standard R scripts. More importantly, we highlighted that ggedit outputs to the user, after editing, updated: gg plots, layers, scales... [Read More]
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my first Shiny gadget

ggplot2 has become the standard of plotting in R for many users. New users, however, may find the learning curve steep at first, and more experienced users may find it challenging to keep track of all the options (especially in the theme!). [Read More]
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I want to try and probe a question that has been raised since Las Vegas, can a state regulate firearms on it’s own, given the free trade between jurisdictions. Since there is not an open electronic federal database for firearm ownership and transactions, one ipportant source of information is the... [Read More]