Current Research

  • Sidi J. Estimating the Uncertainty of Data Revisions in Asynchronous Stationary Processes using Hidden Markov Models (Under Review)
  • Sidi J., Ritov Y., Ungar L. Regularization and Classification of Linear Mixed Models via the Elastic Net Penalty with Application to the Good Judgment (Under Review) Project
  • Sidi J. Non Parametric Detection Schemes and Their Application to the Surveillance of Exponentially Tilted Joint Distributions



  • Avner Sidi, MD, Nikolaus Gravenstein, MD, Chris Giordano, MD, Jonathan Sidi (2017, October). “Grading Intraoperative Physiological ‘Instability’ Using an Expert Review”. Poster session to be presented at the American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.