Launches an interactive addin for insertion of roxygen2 comments in files. Allows selection of extra parameters for makeOxygen



Nothing. Inserts roxygen2 comments in a file opened in the source editor.


Open an .R file in Rstudio's source editor.

This addin requires shiny and miniUI to be installed (listed as Suggests in Description)

  • Launch the add-in via Addins -> interactiveOxygen or interOxyAddIn() in the console.

    • Add-in opens in the viewer panel.

  • Select function's/dataset's name in the source editor.

    • If objects cannot be found, the addin prompts to source the file.

    • Choose parameters for makeOxygen

      • Click Insert

  • Select next object's name

  • Rinse/Repeat

  • Click Quit when done with the file.


if(interactive()) interOxyAddIn()