A compendium of ‘geoms’, ‘coords’, ‘stats’, scales and fonts for ‘ggplot2’, including splines, 1d and 2d densities, univariate average shifted histograms, a new map coordinate system based on the ‘PROJ.4’-library and the ‘StateFace’ open source font ‘ProPublica’.


Geom Description Uses
coord_proj() Like coord_map, only better (prbly shld use this with geom_cartogram as geom_map’s new defaults are ugh)
geom_stateface() Use ProPublica’s StateFace font in ggplot2 plots
geom_ubar() Uniform width bar charts
geom_horizon() Horizon charts (modified from ggTimesSeries )
geom_xspline() stat_xspline() Connect control points/observations with an X-spline
geom_bkde() stat_bkde() Display a smooth density estimate KernSmooth::bkde
geom_bkde2d() stat_bkde2d() Contours from a 2d density estimate. KernSmooth::bkde2D
stat_ash() Compute and display a univariate averaged shifted histogram (polynomial kernel) ash::ash1/ash::bin1
geom_encircle() Automatically enclose points in a polygon
geom_lollipop() Dead easy lollipops (horizontal or vertical)
geom_dumbbell() Dead easy dumbbell plots
stat_stepribbon() Step ribbons
annotation_ticks() Add minor ticks to identity, exp(1) and exp(10) axis scales independently of each other.
geom_spikelines() Instead of geom_vline and geom_hline a pair of segments that originate from same c(x,y) are drawn to the respective axes.

Utility Functions

Function Description
byte_format() helpers. e.g. turn 10000 into 10 Kb

note: plotly integration for a few of the ^^ geoms

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